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The city of Matera

"Of the cities where I’ve been, Matera is the one who smiles at me the most, the one I see even better, through a veil of poetry and melancholy"

- Giovanni Pascoli - 1884

“In the caves of the Sassi hides the capital of the peasants, the hidden heart of their ancient civilization. Anyone who sees Matera can not fail to be impressed, so expressive and touching is its sweet beauty.”

- Carlo Levi - 1952

The mission

The Sassi of Matera are a great economic and cultural heritage not only for the inhabitants of the city but for all of humanity. This was the goal of UNESCO when in 1993 he introduced the Rioni Sassi among the wonderful Italian places defined as a World Heritage Site.

Our mission is to make known these enchanting places that since the Paleolithic era have been the symbol of the union between man and nature itself.

For years the Rioni Sassi have been deliberately hidden because it is a symbol of degradation and poverty. Today the Sassi and Matera represent, instead, the memory of a south for so long abandoned and consider as an uncomfortable appendix of Italy.

The South, on the other hand, contributes to making our Peninsula one of the richest nations in history and culture. Visiting the Sassi we invite you to admire the beauty of the places inviting you not to disfigure our heritage helping us and preserving it over time.

Sassi di Matera


Our hope is to make our city ever closer to all those who try to reach us attracted by the beauty of these enchanted places and the serenity that inspire.

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Shuttle Matera by Made in South of Italy Ford Tourneo custom i nostri mezzi servizi di noleggio con conducente

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Connections to and from Matera with Bari airport or station or city, Metaponto, Ferrandina scalo, Alberobello, connections with all other destinations.

Shuttle Matera by Made in South of Italy Come raggiungere Matera

Services from and to Bari airport

Connections with Bari airport to all other destinations: Matera, Basilicata, the Ionian coast of Basilicata and Puglia.

Sassi di Matera

The story of Sassi di Matera

The birth of the Sassi di Matera from the Paleolithic to the present day. A city rich in history and continuously inhabited up to the present day. Matera and UNESCO


Shuttle Matera by Made in South of Italy Ford Tourneo custom i nostri mezzi servizi di noleggio con conducente

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Shuttle Matera by Made in South of Italy

Tours and excursions

Do you want to combine your trip to or from Matera with a visit to the neighboring areas or do you want to organize excursions during your stay? Find out how.

Sassi di Matera

The Sassi of Matera

Life in the Sassi of Matera through the blanket of local crafts, typical dishes and rock churches

Connections from and to Bari airport to the Apulian Ionian Lucanian or Calabrian coast.

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Connections from the Apulian Ionian coast

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