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The two founding members

SHUTTLE Matera is a company founded, in August 2005, by two young friends: Eletti Gianmichele (former head of the Quality and Environment Office and later travel agent) and Mussolino Sergio entrepreneur. Both with good knowledge of English and French. Their mission makes you know the beautiful city of Matera and the Sassi in the world.
In just over a year the Shuttle becomes one of the leaders in Matera in the field of rental services with driver.

Shuttle Matera by Made in South of Italy

In a short time it boasts agreements with large companies (such as COMER INDUSTRIES) and tour operators (such as VBT or Girolibero) and various public and private entities. Sergio’s "free spirit" pushes him to travel abroad in search of new challenges and adventures (today Sergio is the director of a prestigious hotel in Switzerland).

New members and new adventures

Gianmichele, on the other hand, decides to accept the challenge of continuing the path taken: to continue to grow the Shuttle. To compensate for the large loss in the corporate asset, Shuttle aims at a new partner by focusing on quality. The choice is almost forced because of the incredible curriculum of Estadieu Lauriane.

A native French speaker born in one of the most beautiful cities in France, Bordeaux boasts 4 degrees (one in management and one in tourist subjects), 3 languages spoken and written (French, English and Italian), tour guide, interpreter and sommelier. The experience of both partners, gained in the tourism sector has allowed, therefore, to be able to organize the company in order to meet the needs of customers even the most demanding.

Shuttle Matera by Made in South of Italy

New ideas

In addition to the initial project of rental companies with drivers, the idea is to combine the use of a means of transport convenient and with all the comforts for connections to airports, stations, cities and/ or neighboring areas, the use of tools of various kinds to promote, facilitate and develop local tourism both in out-going and in-coming. The company has two own cars. The safety, well-being and satisfaction of our customers are a priority for us.

The continuous increase in customers and their needs leads the two partners to manage both their own resources and carefully select other companies with which we create partnerships and that are constantly monitored in order to ensure our customers a constancy in the service while maintaining the same standards of quality and safety that are increasingly popular with our customers both occasional and loyal.

In compliance with the regulations in force, the vehicles are provided with all the authorizations of the various public bodies and all drivers are registered to the role and provided with all the necessary licences and licences that are always available to be exhibited in case of request of customers. Travelling with our vehicles you will certainly notice the cleanliness of the machines the excellent quality of the chosen vehicles and the professionalism and punctuality of the drivers.

Agreements with companies or tour operators not only allow us to offer services at competitive prices while maintaining the standards of whatever we like very much to all our customers. The choice of the new member proves to be excellent so that business members Gianmichele and Lauriane become members in life. Our growth continues until the year 2019 where Matera becomes European Capital of Culture.

New opportunities

The great success of Matera and Sassi is however overshadowed by 2020...... the year of COVID. For many companies like ours, based on tourism and travel services for tourists and companies 2020 and 2021 was a period of forced arrest. Shuttle’s corporate character, always dynamic and always attentive to changes, transforms these negative events into inopportunity and therefore this "sabbatical" period becomes the year of the realization of opportunities and "impossible" projects.

In 2021 the Shuttle moves its registered office in Bordeaux, France, and becomes a broker of rental services with driver and promotion of tourist services and ......... this part of our history we are still writing....

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Shuttle Matera by Made in South of Italy Ford Tourneo custom i nostri mezzi servizi di noleggio con conducente

Services from and to Matera

Connections to and from Matera with Bari airport or station or city, Metaponto, Ferrandina scalo, Alberobello, connections with all other destinations.

Shuttle Matera by Made in South of Italy Come raggiungere Matera

Services from and to Bari airport

Connections with Bari airport to all other destinations: Matera, Basilicata, the Ionian coast of Basilicata and Puglia.

Sassi di Matera

The story of Sassi di Matera

The birth of the Sassi di Matera from the Paleolithic to the present day. A city rich in history and continuously inhabited up to the present day. Matera and UNESCO


Shuttle Matera by Made in South of Italy Ford Tourneo custom i nostri mezzi servizi di noleggio con conducente

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Shuttle Matera by Made in South of Italy

Tours and excursions

Do you want to combine your trip to or from Matera with a visit to the neighboring areas or do you want to organize excursions during your stay? Find out how.

Sassi di Matera

The Sassi of Matera

Life in the Sassi of Matera through the blanket of local crafts, typical dishes and rock churches

Cartoline di Matera (postcards from Matera)

We collect splendid professional and amateur and vintage photographs of Matera and the Sassi. Browse our Facebook page and click "Like" for your favorite photos

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