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Our rental services with driver to and from Matera


Rental services with driver dedicated to our most demanding customers. For all those who travel for work or holiday but who prefer a more personalized service without waiting.


For all those who need rental services with driver but prefer not to share the trip with other passengers. Reduce costs but not quality of service!



Rental outlet services with driver. - €COnomical: a smart service at reduced prices but with the same quality Shuttle;- €COlogic => {[(1car + passengers ) x (- fuel consumption - pollution)] x all the passengers } = €CO.


Personalised tours for tour operators, tourists, cruise passengers or travellers. Rental services with driver for assistance to cyclists. Join your transfer to Matera a small tour.


Our most requested rental services with driver from Matera.

Bari airport or vice versa

Ferrandina station or vice versa

Metaponto or vice versa

Jonic coast or vice versa

Alberobello or vice versa

Lecce or vice versa

Brindisi airport or vice versa

All destinations or vice versa

Tirrenic Coast or vice versa

time slot

from 7:00 (car departure time from Matera) 

to 21:00 (arrival time car in Matera) 

from 21:00 to 7:00 check additional charges

additionals charges

working days outside the time slot + € 10,00

Sunday surcharge +€ 10,00

festive surcharge +30%

driver available for the first 3 hours + € 30,00/h

driver at disposal from the fourth hour + € 25,00/h

our fares include

car rental with driver;

passenger insurance;

fuel cost;

driver waiting in case of flight or train delay.

Our fares do not include

TAX +10%;

Motorway tolls, car parks or ferry tickets;

Meals and overnight stays for full day driver;

everything not expressly indicated in "the rates include


in all cases where it is impossible to reach the desired places or carry out transfers for problems not arising from our will (such as road surface inaccessibility, snow, dangerous situations, etc.) We reserves the right to NOT MAKE the transfer in the times and places previously booked and to agree on the cancellation or variation of the transfer arrangements, as well as the rates on the days and times of departure or meeting.

Our rental services with driver

Shuttle Matera by Made in South of Italy Ford Tourneo custom i nostri mezzi servizi di noleggio con conducente

Services from and to Matera

Connections to and from Matera with Bari airport or station or city, Metaponto, Ferrandina scalo, Alberobello, connections with all other destinations.

Shuttle Matera by Made in South of Italy Come raggiungere Matera

Services from and to Bari airport

Connections with Bari airport to all other destinations: Matera, Basilicata, the Ionian coast of Basilicata and Puglia.

Sassi di Matera

The story of Sassi di Matera

The birth of the Sassi di Matera from the Paleolithic to the present day. A city rich in history and continuously inhabited up to the present day. Matera and UNESCO


Shuttle Matera by Made in South of Italy Ford Tourneo custom i nostri mezzi servizi di noleggio con conducente

Compare our services

Exclusive or shared services or outlets? Choose the one that suits you best. See the comparison table or contact us.

Shuttle Matera by Made in South of Italy

Tours and excursions

Do you want to combine your trip to or from Matera with a visit to the neighboring areas or do you want to organize excursions during your stay? Find out how.

Sassi di Matera

The Sassi of Matera

Life in the Sassi of Matera through the blanket of local crafts, typical dishes and rock churches

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Our cars

The Shuttle combines simple rental services with driver with the promotion for and development of local tourism. A service for any need for anyone who has to go to Matera for travel, necessity, work or business. For this reason we have entered into commercial agreements with various rental companies with driver. Thanks to the aforementioned agreements we can guarantee both all the required connections and also requests for vehicles with larger capacities.

The vehicles chosen comply with all current regulations and are provided with all the authorizations of the various public bodies. All our drivers are registered in the role and have all the necessary driving licenses and licenses. All the documentation required by law is available in every car and ready to be exhibited in case of customer request. By choosing us, passengers will travel both in cars that are always comfortable, spacious and capacious

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Cartoline di Matera (postcards from Matera)


We collect splendid professional and amateur and vintage photographs of Matera and the Sassi. 

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