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The bred, the pettole and the tipical dishes

The economy of the time was based on agricultural and pastoral activities.
Culinary tradition is as a consequence based on the products obtained from these activities which were cooked in various ways give dishes a simple but refined taste.
Being the town midway between Calabria and Apulien, its coking tradition derives some influence by both regions, too.
One of the most ancient product of our cuisine is the very tasty bread made in durum wheat and baked on wood. This particular way of baking help create a soft part and a crispy crust.
One of the most appreciated dishes are the pettole, kind of fritters much leavened which are Materan breadmade at Christmas time. According to a legend, the pettole are a consequence of a mistake of a maid who left the dough leavening for much more time and could not make the bread. She then decided to recover the dough and to fry it in a ring shape.
From bread other typical dishes are derived such as  the famous “cialledda”, symbol of poverty and genius, considering that our ancestors invented tasty dishes with stale remnants. There are indeed various kinds of cialledda: the most typical is the one with eggs, olives and tomatoes; but you can also find alternative dished with oranges or vegetables .
Other traditional dishes are the beans with chicory and pignata (sheep meat and vegetables baked together in a terracotta pot.







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