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The life in Sassi told with artisan hands

Il bottegaccio dei fratelli DaddiegoLife in the Sassi district as told by artisans
The tools used by our ancestors both for working and for having fun are now a great cultural heritage and are made in ceramics, tufa or terracotta by various artisans who have made a working style out of the art of the old shepherds.
Our town has ancient artisan tradition developed in the narrow streets of the ancient Sassi districts and then handed down from father to son, till our days.
The wise use of hands in moulding hostile materials as iron, wood, ceramics or terracotta has been handed down till our days, presenting now unforgettable emotions.
The several laboratories, located on the various roads of the Sassi districts, show all the tools that once surrounded our ancestors’ life.
Typical tools are the cucù, whistles in terracotta, symbol of love and prosperity, the bread stamps, much used once, the pupe, cheese dolls for various uses.
On the roads, you can also find artisan laboratories where tufa and papier machè are worked . The maximum expression of papier machè making is for sure the realization of the Tryumphal Chariot of the feats celebrated on 2nd July for the Holy Madonna della Bruna, Patroness of the town.

II cucù

Symbol of love….and something more.
The whistles have always been of a great superstitious value. Once they were walled up in the Il cucùfireplace to let the evil spirits go away from their homes and they were also put over the cribs of the babies not yet baptized.
The sons were given one cucù when they were young as a wish of fertility.
Every town has a different decoration and shape for its on whistle.
In our town it has the shape of a stylized cock with a bi-tonal colouring. Once it was given as a present for children at Easter time, but it then became symbol of a love promise. The biggest the cucu, the greater the promise.
Our cucu was not only a noisy and decorated toy, but also a symbol full of meaning.

The Bread Stamp

the bread stamp
The bread stamp was used to mark the bread which was home-made and then baked in a common bakery.
Nowadays it is considered an emblem of Lucan artisan production, a symbol of the wonderful and irresistible microcosm of the Vicinato which has run out for centuries with its daily economy organization.

the pupe


The art belonging to the shepherds is part of the popular art tradition and is strictly linkedle pupe to thenecessities of life. Shepherds used to cutwood pieces with some casual tools to make other tools, toys for children or matrixes.
The pupa is the result of the pastoral wit. In the wooden matrix, indeed, they used to pour caciocavallo which after going tough was used to decorate tables at Feast times or was given to children as a toy which they were free to chew or eat.
The pupa’s dress, now in terracotta, is decorated with most colours recalling popular tradition according to which women used to dress with everything at disposal at home, thus deriving the name ‘pacchiana’ (garish)


Inside the laboratory you'll can watch the riproduction of the stable with inside all the objects that worker used every day. The entering is free.


"La Bottegaccia" dei fratelli Daddiegothe riproduction of the stable


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