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Disabled and handicapped people

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How to reserve


How can I reserve your service?

Booking our services is very simple:
You can call the following mobile numbers: +39 339 2525236 (Sergio) or +39 338 8492228 (Gianmichele). you can fax also at the number +39 08351900101.
You can also book via e-mail, to the following e-mail address:;

Which is the best way to book?

Both ways are granted. For urgent booking, we advise you call the numbers indicated on the page “contacts”;

When is the booking to be considered as confirmed?

You can consider your booking as confirmed only after receiving our confirmation e-mail or after our call back to you in case of phone booking. In addition, one day prior to your departure/arrival, you will receive a short message stating the driver’s name and mobile number.

How long does it take to receive a reservation confirmation?

Our answer usually reaches you maximum two days after your e-mail inquiry. In case of phone calls, the answer is immediate.

When is it advisable to reserve by phone?

We advise you call by phone for any departure in a time length of four days after the booking time.









How to meet the driver

How can I recognise the driver?

In our confirmation e-mail we convey the driver’s name and mobile number, it is therefore easy to contact him on the meeting day. The driver will be easy recognisable because he will be holding a board with our company’s logo and the writing “SHUTTLE PER MATERA” or, on demand, with a board indicating the passenger’s name or the client company’s logo.

Where I am going to meet the driver?

Our drivers are waiting for the clients out of the check-out area as far as the airport is concerned. For any other departure site, the meeting will  be agreed accordingly.

What shall I do if the driver’s name does not coincide with the name I got in my reservation confirmation?

Sometimes it happens that for unexpected events, the confirmed driver is not able to provide the service and must be substituted last minute. If you want to let your doubts vanish, please call the pre-assigned driver for confirmation. Alternatively, you could contact the operator who gave you confirmation at the reservation time.













Forms of payment

How can I know the rates?

For a great transparency we have published our rates. Beside the usual routes calculated per number of passengers, you can take a look at the rates on a kilometres basis. These rates are the ones we usually charge for all other destinations.

What are the possible forms of payment?

Payment can be made through bank transfers, by Poste Pay or cash in Euro currency directly to the driver . Credit cards and checks cannot be accepted at the moment.

When am I supposed to pay for the service?

Payments are usually made at the reservation time as far as bank transfers are concerned. Most clients find it easiest to pay cash directly to the driver.

Will I receive a receipt at the payment time?

Shuttle snc always releases invoices. For this purpose, at the reservation time, you should communicate your personal data (name, surname, address, zip code, city, state, country, and security number – or vat code) to fill in the invoice with.

How do you treat my personal data?

Shuttle snc, according to the current laws, just asks for authorization to use the client’s personal data in the invoice of the reserved service.

What will happen if I do not authorize to use my personal data?

Personal data are only used for fiscal purposes (please read the note about personal data treatment which the drivers can show in the cars). In case of refusal to communicate your data, we will not be able to issue the invoice and to provide the service itself.












Disabled and handicapped people


Are your means fit for disabled people?

Our means are not fit for disabled people. In case there is a disabled person, we strongly advise to signal possible special requests or to contact the driver explaining the passenger’s special needs. In case of lack of communication  the driver will have the faulty to decide whether to provide the service or not. Shuttle snc is not responsible for any possible lack of communication on the part of the client.












Car's Capacity

Which is the maximum people capacity of your means?

At the moment we own a 8seater van called Renault Trafic and a 7seater van called Lancia Phedra  (both have one extra seat for the driver). Maximum capacity is eight people or sic people according to the means at the disposal. In case of a greater number of people to be transported we will try our best to satisfy your request by contacting some collaborators of ours.

We are a fifty people group and would like to rent a bus, can you help?

We have great collaboration relationships with the most important bus companies. All our providers can receive our operative commitments and are able to carry out the transfer service according to our standard working modalities.

How much baggage can I take?

There is no maximum number of baggage you can bring. Our means have a wide boot; nonetheless we advise you communicate if you are going to take some very big or peculiarly shaped baggage in order to let the driver arrange the transportation the most comfortable way.

Is there a baggage limit?

There is no limit to the baggage which can be transported and you do not have to pay any extra fees unless we have to utilize more transportation means. In this case we will agree about the service costs. Please note that our society does not carry out cargo transportation, so there must be al least one passenger to travel with the baggage.









Services, routes and rates

Does you company only cover Bari airport- Matera or Ferrandina- Matera distances?

Our company can provide any kind of transportation. At this purpose we have inserted a table with rates on the most requested routes, such as the ones from Matera to Bari, Ferrandina, Alberobello, Metaponto and back which you can look at on the rates page. These rates are calculated per person. We have also added some other rates calculated on a number of kilometres basis about some very frequently requested destinations. For any other routes, please contact our operators or write e-mails at the addresses indicated on the contacts page.

We are a travel agency and would like to arrange a tour to Matera for some clients of ours. Can you give us some further information?

Our site will progressively be enlarged with contents like museums, guided tours, places to visit nearby, hotels and bed and breakfast. In this way you will be able to reserve and arrange your holidays in Matera by going through only one portal, thus being able to save time and energy. All the services will be reserved directly to the providers and our company will only be a contact giver.










Adult passengers – children – delays – cancellation

Are we advised to specify if there are children to be transported and their ages at the reservation time?

It is much important to specify if there are children to be transported and their ages because the driver has to supply the seat for babies prescribed by the law as far as security is concerned. The seats are any time cleaned before the transportation, but we also recommend you take a cover to prevent the baby from seating directly on the seat.

Do children pay for the same amount as the adults?

In the rates page there are supplements and promotion shown with the discount for the children. Babies up to two years can travel free, while children from two to 12 years can pay 50% .

Can teen-agers under eighteen travel on their own?

Teen-agers under eighteen cannot travel on their own. They have to be accompanied by an adult.

Do I have to call the driver in case of delay or cancellation of my trip?

We strongly recommend you call the driver for any kind of change at your travel. This in order to prevent from long waiting or any other problems to other passengers. To this purpose Shuttle snc always communicate the driver’s mobile numbers.










Car rental – without driver

Can I rent a car of yours without the driver?

Our society  does not provide car rental without driver, so ours cars are rented together with the drivers. We could anyway help you find a car to rent. Please contact our operators or write e-mails at the addresses indicated on the contacts page.

When I get to the airport, I will need to rent a car to move around Matera. Can you help me do so? If so, how can I reserve the service?

Shuttle snc has an important agreement with a broker leader in the field of car rental. This to help you find the most convenient rates with the minimum possible effort. You can rent through us and pay cash directly to the driver who will take you the car and all its documents on the day of your arrival. We would like to remind you that you will need a non electron credit card for the reservation and you should book the rental at least 2 days prior to the car release.










Congresses partnerships with institutions, companies and tour operators

Do you work in partnership with other companies?

Shuttle snc boasts agreements with important companies, tour operators and institutions. If you want to be informed on or to take part into these agreements Please contact our operators or write e-mails at the addresses indicated on the contacts page. We can also personalize the requests we are given.

How do you manage congresses and big people comings?

We ask the institution or company to collaborate by giving a name of a referee. After receiving the operatives we offer free logistic consulting by discussing with the referee the way to arrange transfers according to the expected arrivals, and trying to let the client spare time and money and to prevent as much as possible all predictable troubles. In case we need more cars we will contact other collaborators.

How do you mange arrivals at different times or delays?

All possible non-predictable events, such as delays or time changes, are promptly managed and agreed with the referee on the spot. We can also employ assistants waiting for the clients at the airport and staying with them till the driver’s arrival.

Do you “rent” assistants, too?

Our experience in managing congresses lead us to contact assistants but only if connected to our services. We contact the assistants and our clients can deal directly with them.

Are you able to manage transfers for great events or congresses?

Even if Shuttle snc is a young company it has been managing congresses and events for great companies and institutions, both local and foreign. We are also able to manage great people fluxes thanks to import agreements with collaborators able to follow our guidelines in the event management. We use to constantly look at the emerging problems and try to solve them on the spot together with our providers. If you have to arrange a congress, please contact us at the address indicated on the contact page. We can also personalise the service according to your requests.








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